Hidden Truth About Commercial Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is known to have so many health benefits, and could be a great source of daily important natural nutrients and vitamins, especially to Paleo dieters. It comes highly recommended, and taken for its beneficial levels of vitamin A, vitamin D3, and omega-3 fatty acids, that are naturally contained in wild-caught cod. However, what is largely unknown to the public, is how commercial cod liver oils goes through a battery of processing steps that involves high heat, high pressure, vacuums, solvents, moisture, and chemicals.

You see, depending on the producer, commercial cod liver oil could either come from actual wild-caught fish cod, or from pollock or haddock and other fish species, both wild-caught or farmed.

But whether wild-caught or farmed, the major issue is the refining process of commercial cod liver oil which severely damages the natural nutrients contained in it. Manufacturers of commercial cod liver oil would have you believe that these processing steps are designed to create an easy-pouring, shelf-stable cod liver oil. But unfortunately, what they do is create additional harmful substances, which further weakens the integrity and nutritional value of the oil. For example, the fragile omega-3 fatty acids are heated so high, that in some cases, trans fats which remain in the oil, are formed.

Even the elimination of taste and smell would trick your senses into believing the oil is fresh and nutritious. But the plain simple truth is that these processes are destructive to the oil.

So how can you stay assured of something natural always, when it comes to cod liver oil?

Well say hello to…

EVCLO… Fresh, Wild and Raw Cod Liver Oil!

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Rosita Real Foods, based in Northern Norway, takes an old-world (paleo) approach to creating their Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO). The Rosita family uses their own small fishing boats to fish the pristine waters of northern Norway, just as their Viking ancestors did. Only wild-caught Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) are harvested, and the livers are individually inspected for health and plumpness.

evclo-bottleThe extraction of EVCLO requires no heat, chemicals, solvents, putrefaction, or pressure. The raw oil then passes through seven layers of paper filters to remove any remaining fish sediment, followed by a proprietary sponge-like process that removes contaminants without the use of heat or solvents.

It is:

  • Fresh – Bottled within 48 hours of the fish being caught.

  • Wild – Rosita does it’s own fishing, so we know the source of the fish and the specific type of cod.

  • And Raw – No heat, no chemicals, no mechanical processing used. Unlike other cod liver oil on the market, EVCLO must be refrigerated to maintain freshness.

A tiny drop of natural antioxidants, from organic rosemary herb and organic full-spectrum vitamin E, is added to each bottle to extend the freshness of the fragile polyunsaturated omega fats. No other cod liver oil or food found anywhere in the world contains the high levels of vitamin D3, vitamin A, and omega-3 EPA and DHA in their natural state and proper ratios. No flavors are added to fresh EVCLO, and no processes are used to disguise the taste.

Say goodbye right now to industrial processed commercial cod liver oil, and choose to buy only EVCLO!

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