Rosita wild handcrafted Ratfish Liver Oil™ is an ancient whole food derived from the liver of Chimaera monstrosa, also known as the Ratfish. The Norwegian Vikings and Scandinavian fishermen regarded Ratfish Liver Oil™ as a precious gift from the sea, ranking it above all other fish liver oils. Its rarity and exceptional properties were a major reason why the Norwegian Vikings named this oil “Gold of the Ocean.”
Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil
Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil is the most authentic product available.

What Makes Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil™ So Special?

Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil™ is handmade in small batches from the finest-quality wild liver, exclusively harvested from the unpolluted waters of the Norwegian Helgeland Fjords.

The process of extraction is unique and based on age-old principles. No other company on this planet is aware of our remarkably natural and ancient extraction technique. No chemicals, heat, steam, or mechanical pressure are ever used in production.

Metal is never used to manipulate the livers for fear of metal-induced lipid oxidation.

Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil™ is the real oil contained in the liver cells of fresh liver: straw colored and without an unpleasant odor and flavor. The oil maintains exactly the same form and nutritional composition that nature gave it, without being altered in any way.

The time-consuming ancient methods used to produce our handcrafted oils, and their limited production volume, makes our production very specialized.

We pride ourselves on the careful and obsessive attention to detail that goes into creating the highest quality handcrafted Ratfish Liver Oils, and believe there is no other company like us that takes so much pride.

Unlike the majority of fish oil companies, Rosita does not use molecular distillation to reduce contaminants. Molecular distillation is an effective method of reducing contaminants, however, the high heat destroys most of the vitamin content. Rosita utilizes a proprietary method to reduce contaminants, so the oils meet the strict European regulations.

Please see our related FAQ on contaminants in Ratfish Liver Oil™.

Below are the latest test results.



EU regulations 1.75 pg/g 6.0 pg/g 200 ng/g
Production number: 1020-180510, 1021-180510, 1022-180510, 1023-180510, 1024-180510, 1025-180510 (Testing by EUROFINS Report #440-2018-0628-065)
BBE (fridge/freezer): June 2021/2023
0.336 pg/g 0.650 pg/g 180 ng/g
Production number: 1016-180423, 1017-180423, 1018-180423, 1019-180423 (Testing by EUROFINS Report #440-2018-0425-104)
BBE (fridge/freezer): May 2021/2023
0.335 pg/g 0.94 pg/g 164 ng/g
Production number: 1013-180118, 1014-180118, 1015-180118 (Testing by EUROFINS Report #440-2018-0118-157)
BBE (fridge/freezer): Feb 2021/2023
0.340 pg/g 0.76 pg/g 143 ng/g
Production number: 10xx-160212 (Testing by EUROFINS Report #440-2016-0217-086 and BDS – Report #8596-1)
BBE (fridge/freezer): Mar 2019/2021
0.700 pg/g 1.20 pg/g 105 ng/g
Production number: 10xx-150728 (Testing by BDS – Report # 7195-1)
BBE (fridge/freezer): Aug 2018/2020
0.390 pg/g 1.10 pg/g 140 ng/g