From our long line of traditional Norwegian fisherman to your spoon

Our calling is to provide health conscious consumers in the USA with wild and raw liver oils, rendered from sustainably harvested fish living in the crystal clear waters of the remote Norwegian Fjords.

We’re a small, family-run artisanal company, born in the remote areas of Northern Norway. We come from a long line of fishermen and harvest the fish with our bare hands. And our goal is to offer you a genuine extra-virgin cod liver oil that is as close to the freshness and nutrient content as you would find in the liver of a living codfish.

Taking a spoonful or a capsule of our Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) is akin to eating a piece of nutrient-rich, fresh fish.

Our oils are totally unrefined, unprocessed, wild and raw, and supply the nutrients in the form that Mother Nature intended. They’re also free of hazardous levels of contaminants.

This type of cod liver oil is precious, rare and nearly impossible to achieve on industrial level, where many of the fish body/liver oils undergo heavy refining that rob them of most of their nutrients. Our family devotes particular attention to the entire extraction process, opting for quality rather than quantity.

Rosita Cod Fishing Boat Norway

Photo by Loreto Di Cesare © 2015

We’re passionate about quality

We have a deep passion for quality, and we demonstrate it by the way we pursue our ancient craft:

  • Only sustainably wild-caught Atlantic cod (Gadus Morhua) from the pristine waters of Northern Norway are used.
  • The oil is extracted while the livers are still very fresh.
  • Chemicals, solvents, heat, steam, pressure and modern extraction processes are never used at any stage during the production of our oils.
  • All of our marine oils are produced using a little-known, ancient method that’s been passed down through generations.

The result is the same wild and raw fish liver oil that our ancestors, the Vikings and old Scandinavian fishermen, consumed for robust health and healing.

Founded by a long line of traditional Norwegian fishermen

Some of us are fishermen, having come from a long line of Norwegian fishermen who originally went to sea in rowing boats; with fishing histories stretching all the way back to whaling days. We have spent years fishing in the wild, pristine Norwegian waters for cod, trout and other regional species, and are intent on maintaining and preserving the fishing methods of our forefathers.

Still, other members of our family enjoy guiding people through the world of holistic healing. We all have a genuine love for the great outdoors and anything wild, in particular wild foods.

Photo by Bengt Svensson © 2014

We harvest the fish ourselves!

Many companies that produce liver oils import their fish livers. They may also receive livers from a variety of fish species. There is absolutely no substitute for going out and harvesting the fish yourself. Only then can you have full control over every stage of liver oil production, from harvesting the wild fish, to choosing the livers, capturing the oil and bottling.

In addition, we’ve also built direct alliances with artisan fishers that use small traditional open boats to help us harvest the wild codfish in greater numbers.

Our cod liver oil is prepared from raw fresh livers of the codfish – Gadus morhua – the same species the Ancient Nordic Vikings used. Only perfectly healthy fresh livers coming from 100% pure codfish of a specific weight are selected.

In addition, the livers themselves must be of a certain appearance and colour in order to be used to produce our cod liver oils. Diseased, lean, or slightly decomposed livers are rejected. This requires great expertise and extensive experience to identify the correct livers for consumption – a technique that dates back to the Viking era.

Here’s more information about our Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) and our Ratfish Liver Oil.

Our commitment to health and ancient food production methods

At Rosita Real Foods, we are committed to preserving our ancient extraction method of producing authentic wild and raw liver oils of the same quality that our ancestors, the Nordic Vikings and old Scandinavian fishermen, consumed. In doing so, we hope to promote health and raise awareness about the importance of following ancient food production methods.

Our dedicated team is passionate about the products we produce and would never dream of offering anything but handcrafted, unadulterated fish liver oils of superior quality. Such oils contain nutrients and fats in their ‘wild and raw’ form and at the levels nature intended.

We thank you for considering our EVCLO and Ratfish Liver Oil, and welcome you to integrate these one-of-a-kind, powerful foods into your diet today.