Rosita Real Foods Artisan Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil

The Original Primal Superfood

Most commercial pharmaceutical grade cod liver oils have undergone heavy industrial processing before making it to the market. This is a process that degrades the oil, damaging the fragile unsaturated fatty acids and destroying all the beneficial properties and valuable nutrients contained within the oil. As a result, many companies choose to add synthetic vitamins back into the oil. The result is a product that is very different from the one found in nature. Is such fish oil natural?

At Rosita Real Foods we do things differently. Our cod liver oil is obtained from sustainably harvested fish living in the wild, pure waters of the ancient Norwegian Fjords. The handcrafted extraction process we use is an age-old method that has roots all the way back to the Viking era. Rosita Real Foods cod liver oil is totally unrefined, unprocessed, never heated and never exposed to chemicals. It is the freshest, rawest and most authentic cod liver oil that we know, supplying ‘wild & raw’ nutrients at the levels nature intended. A genuine raw superfood! Our cod liver oil is also free of hazardous levels of contaminants.

Member of our team fishing in pristine crystal clear waters


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