Norway Cod Fishing

Wow! What a beautiful day to go on a cod fishing expedition. We utilized the traditional method of line fishing. To our delight, we were greeted by seagulls and eagles when the captain threw parts of the cod back into the water after removing the cod livers. These photos were taken on February 7, 2013.

Norway cod fishing boat

Dan Corrigan in Norway taking cod fishing photos

Dan Corrigan in Norway cod fishing

Dan Corrigan in Norway line fishing for cod fish

Fishing for cod liver oil - line fishing in Norway

Line fishing for cod liver oil

Dan Corrigan in Norway with fresh cod fish for cod liver oil

15-2013-02-07-Norway 390

14-2013-02-07-Norway 355

13-2013-02-07-Norway 308

12-2013-02-07-Norway 292

11-2013-02-07-Norway 270

10-2013-02-07-Norway 269

09-2013-02-07-Norway 253

08-2013-02-07-Norway 170

07-2013-02-07-Norway 161

06-2013-02-07-Norway 092

05-2013-02-07-Norway 238

04-2013-02-07-Norway 070

03-2013-02-07-Norway 052

02-2013-02-07-Norway 041

01-2013-02-07-Norway 001