The rarest of all methods employed by the ancient Norse people, and unknown in today’s cod liver oil world, is the ancient extraction method revived and used by Rosita for the very first time to produce their oils. This ancient method allows the fresh livers to naturally “release” the raw golden oil they contain without any intervention whatsoever.

There was also another method employed by the ancient Norse Vikings which was reserved only for ratfish and sharks but unsuitable for codfish whose liver and oil rapidly deteriorate and become rancid. Rosita replicated this process for the very first time for all to see (below). The method involved hanging a ratfish or shark up by its tail.

Hanging Ratfish

The fish is left to hang from its tail.

After a certain period of time has elapsed, pale/golden colored oil from its large oily liver will start to accumulate and drip from the end of its nose.

Ratfish Oil Dripping

Pale/golden colored liver oil accumulating around the nose of the fish

The ancient Norse people and Vikings would collect this very special oil and consume it during times of stress and whenever they saw fit to do so. The oil is remarkably clear, pale/golden-colored and sweet smelling.

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