Genuine unrefined EVCLO was used by the coastal people of northern Norway for its beneficial effects. They consumed it and also rubbed it into their skin.

Internally: Consume 1 teaspoon daily. Can be taken on its own or mixed with foods which are at a temperature not greater than 37ºC (98.6ºF). Why not try making “mølje” – a traditional northern Norwegian fish dish which is very nutritious and remarkably rich in vitamin D! Poach the white meat of cod, cod liver and a slice of grainy, pale orange cod roe (preferably from sustainably caught wild codfish) in salty water with a chopped onion. Remove from the water and mix ingredients together in a bowl. Add Rosita EVCLO to the mixture and enjoy! Great for topping up vitamin D levels for the winter.

Externally: Not as a substitute for internal use, but it can also be rubbed into the skin. The oil can also be used topically for wounds and as a skin elixir.

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