The appearance, taste, scent and texture of Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) will vary from batch to batch. This is entirely normal for a completely unadulterated cod liver oil. Generally, fresh EVCLO is pale/golden colored and tastes quite nice with a slightly fishy bouquet. And this makes perfectly good sense when you consider that fresh codfish livers do not have a strong taste or smell. Local Norwegian fishermen will tell you that cod liver oil darkens and develops an undesirable taste and odor only when it becomes rancid. Actually, undesirable flavors and odors develop at the very early stages of oxidation.

Rosita handcrafted cod liver oil complies with all international quality standards. They take great care to avoid exposure to oxygen and light. But Rosita goes much further and avoids any contact of the liver with brine (salt solution) because salt is known to attract oxidative rancidity. Another reason why the livers are never allowed to decompose, and why Rosita immediately removes them as soon as the wild codfish are hauled into the boat from the ocean, is because iron (which is stored in the liver) is also known to attract oxidative rancidity. Rosita does not add flavors, deodorize or mix EVCLO with other non-fish oils that can mask the taste and smell of cod liver oil. They want you to taste what real EVCLO should taste like, and enjoy its freshness knowing that it is free of rancidity from the first drop to the last.

Trust your senses. Rancid cod liver oil will have an objectionable taste and smell. It will typically leave a “scratchy sensation” in the back of the throat at the end of the tasting cycle, and may also cause gastrointestinal upset which over a period of time may result in digestive disturbances. It may also be darker in appearance. These are your senses telling you the oil has gone bad and should be avoided.

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