Golden Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil

Fresh Codfish Liver Oil is a Pale / Golden Color

Imagine there is a tap connected to the liver of a “living” wild codfish that is freely swimming in the deep ocean. If you turned “on” this tap, the raw oil that would come out of it would be a pale/golden color.

The real oil which is contained in the cells of fresh codfish liver is pale/golden-colored and at times nearly colorless. It will also be anywhere from clear to cloudy in appearance depending on a number of biological factors. This should not be confused with the pale oils obtained by refining which are very different.

“Only the children from fishermen’s families consumed the really fresh and tasty pale/golden colored cod liver oil. Most of the foreigners remember the rancid taste of cod liver oil simply because they had no chance of consuming the fresh pale/golden colored cod liver oil which was kept by the Norwegian fishermen for their children.”

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