Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil Update

Rosita Real Foods Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) is the rarest of all supplemental fish oils. Reviving an ancient fish liver oil extraction process, unknown to many, that predates the Viking era Rosita has adapted the process for larger scale production. EVCLO is the only current day fish liver oil to be collected from hand inspected, fresh, uncontaminated, healthy cod livers and preserved in its raw and wild state.

It has been a long process for Rosita to bring this rare oil to market. Rosita and Organic 3 look forward to bringing you and your family the first Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil produced for worldwide distribution. We believe you will find the taste and efficacy of EVCLO to be unsurpassed.

Rosita’s journey to create and produce Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil has been filled with challenges that have been overcome with ingenuity, a steadfast commitment to keeping the ancient process intact and true scientific knowledge. As we eagerly await the first shipment of Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil into the US and abroad we thought it would be helpful for our customers to understand all that has gone into producing this amazing unique oil:

Obtaining Fresh Cod Livers

Known by the Vikings (700-1100AD) and rediscovered by the apothecaries and infirmaries of the early 1800’s, the Gadus Morhua species of codfish is the prime and only choice for the production of a truly authentic medicinal grade cod liver oil.

As most traditional food processes tend to be, the ancient Viking fish liver oil extraction process involves a few very basic and common sense steps based on seasonal changes. After mimicking the Norwegian winters by lowering the temperature of freshly harvested cod livers (of the Gadus Morhua cod), the livers are then brought to a temperature that mimics the Norwegian summer months (never higher than human body temperature) and allowed to thaw. This process naturally exudes the precious oil from the cod liver without any mechanical or chemical intervention. In the Viking era the freshly harvested cod livers were placed in a container, left outside to freeze in the cold Norwegian winter and then brought into their dwelling to thaw releasing the precious liver oil. Our Norwegian ancestors utilized the positive aspects of nature to collect fresh and wild cod liver oil that has not been exposed to high heat, chemicals, solvents, pressure or decomposition.

Nutrient rich cod liver oil begins with nutrient rich healthy livers. Rather than import cod livers or buy them on the open market Rosita has opted to employ their own fishing fleet. Utilizing seasoned fishermen with generations of cod fishing experience Rosita retains complete control over the sustainable fishing practices. Fishing the nutrient rich fjords of Norway’s Lofoten region in smaller crafts (no large corporate fishing vessels), and special locations, each crew is well versed on the size, color and health of Gadus Morhua cod livers to be selected for the production of Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil. Rosita’s facilities are located very near the docks where the day’s catch is brought in and the extraction process begins while the livers are still very fresh.

Maintaining Freshness

The biggest challenge to producing fresh therapeutic fish liver oil is the issue of rancidity. For years the Rosita family has successfully handcrafted ratfish oil using the ancient extraction process. Ratfish is a rare fish (one of the oldest fish known to man) that resides deep within the Norwegian fjords. The liver of the ratfish is 60% of its body weight and contain omega fats, rare lipids and high levels of vitamin A, D and E. Vitamin E is not commonly found at high levels in fish oils and in the case of ratfish oil is likely to contribute to its great stability through its antioxidant properties, preventing the oil from going rancid even if stored at room temperature for long periods of time. Cod liver oil is not a rich source of vitamin E and is very prone to rancidity. Freshly harvested cod livers and the liver oil begin the process of going rancid almost immediately after the cod has been fished from the sea. Once harvested the fish are not exposed to sea water because its salt content actually accelerates the process of rancidity.

To prevent rancidity, loss of nutrients and the horrid taste and smell that results, Rosita relied on the knowledgeable experts in food science, marine lipids, and university professors to find a natural approach to preserving EVCLO’s freshness. For their Viking ancestors fresh cod liver oil was consumed shortly after extraction or immediately stored in the cold Norwegian winters. Rancidity was not an issue. For Rosita to bottle, distribute and sell Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil worldwide maintaining consistently fresh and raw oil was a massive undertaking. After many months of research and testing, the Rosita team achieved its goal via the use of very low levels of natural antioxidants.


A final component to maintaining fresh cod liver oil is in the bottling process. Special procedures have been implemented within the bottling facility to minimize the oil’s exposure to oxygen, light and metal; all factors which adversely impact the long term stability of EVCLO. The bottling facility is also part of the Rosita family assuring control of all aspects of EVCLO production from start to finish.

EVCLO will be distributed in custom 150ml amber glass bottles. Although 150ml bottles were the norm back in cod liver oil’s heyday (mid-1800’s to mid-1900’s) it is a smaller size than most commercial cod liver oil bottles on the market today. The reasoning for the bottle size is twofold: First Rosita is steadfast on making sure EVCLO remains fresh from the first drop to the very last. A smaller bottle will ensure the oil is consumed long before any signs of freshness begin to fade. Secondly, the efficacy of EVCLO is such that only small amounts are needed to satisfy nutritional requirements. The dosage of Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil is one half to one teaspoon daily or as needed depending on body type and nutritional needs. Drops can be administered to infants and toddlers for healthy bone, brain and immune development.


Rosita has put a great deal of time, effort and expense into creating Wild & Raw Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil. Maintaining a cod liver oil that is very fresh with all of the nutrients in their natural state has been no small feat. With research and development coming to a close, Rosita turns its focus to production and distribution. Once the custom bottles arrive at their facility, production will begin. Organic 3 will warehouse EVCLO in our cold storage facilities in Michigan and distribute throughout North America. Once you receive your bottle of EVCLO it is imperative that you keep it chilled to extend the freshness. Unopened bottles can be kept in the freezer for long term storage.

We will post nutrient testing results and other updates as they become available.

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