Is EVCLO Fermented?

Many people ask…

“Is Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) fermented?”

EVCLO is not fermented. We use a different method for naturally extracting the oil from the livers. Cod liver oil contains fragile polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) which need to be protected from metal, light, heat, oxygen and moisture in order to maintain freshness.

“How does Rosita extract the oil from the cod livers?”

Rosita’s EVCLO is produced by utilizing an ancient Viking technique in which the cod livers naturally release their oil when exposed to a shift in temperature, from the icy arctic waters to ambient temperature.

“Is EVCLO raw?”

Yes. EVCLO is completely raw (no heat, no chemicals, no mechanical processing).

“Are other companies producing raw cod liver oil this way?”

No other company is producing a raw cod liver like Rosita EVCLO. The process can only be accomplished with freshly caught codfish. Rosita is based in Norway and maintains their own fishing boats, which allows them control over the entire process, from catching fresh fish to bottling fresh cod liver oil. The artisanal production of EVCLO is much more costly than the industrial production of cod liver oil, making it unappealing for the big name manufacturers.

“So, there is only one company that is producing fresh/raw cod liver oil?”

Yes. Rosita has had positive comments regarding the authenticity of their Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil from a variety of Marine Specialists. Rosita is the only producer of GENUINE Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil. Even if a cold extraction procedure is used to produce a cod liver oil, a heat associated method is still required to purify the oil of contaminants. However, Rosita is the only company using a heat free and chemical free 100% Natural Cleaning Method. This unique Patented method makes use of a substance naturally occurring in the ocean that has the ability to attract and bind to contaminants like a magnet. This substance, together with its bound contaminants, can then be gently removed from the oil rather in a similar way that sediments are removed from a fine wine.

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EVCLO in Glass Outside

Rosita EVCLO: From Fish to Bottle


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