Cod Liver Oil

Thousands of people consume cod liver oil on a daily basis to supplement their diet. Others consume it sparingly while still others have tried it and completely gave up on it. I happened to fall into that last category. Knowing full well cod liver oil’s reputation as a super food of extreme nutrient density I tried the highly recommended brands. Regardless of whether I varied the dose or the regimen I never felt any healthier and in some cases felt the cod liver oil was actually more of a deterrent to good health. I failed to see what all of the buzz was about. It wasn’t until I came across historical documents from the 1800’s that raved of cod liver oil’s ability to cure rheumatism, gout and several other diseases that my interest in cod liver oil was re-ignited. You rarely hear the word cured today and never in the context of pharmaceutical drugs so the fact that people were cured peaked my interest. After extensively studying the subject it appears there is a great deal more to cod liver oil than what I, and many others, have experienced. As a result of this journey I put together this perspective as a guide to identifying and locating the optimal cod liver oil.

Archie Welch


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