Cod Liver Oil Vitamin Testing

Testing vitamin content in marine oils is a tricky business. Very few labs are actually equipped to properly test fish liver oils and most of those facilities are in or very near Norway, the fish liver oil capital of the world. Most labs that test for vitamins in food will gladly test for vitamin levels in fish oils but unless they have the experience and the facilities to do it properly, the results will be unreliable.

golden eggThe Hen That Laid The Golden Egg?

If eggs normally contained 0.56 micrograms of vitamin B12 but the lab that tested your eggs came back with results that were 8.25 micrograms there could only be two explanations. Either you have the hen that laid the golden egg or there is something wrong with the test results and quite possibly the testing procedures. Raw cod liver oil from a freshly caught cod will have vitamin A values between 3000 and 5000 IU/teaspoon. The vitamin D3 levels will be between 400 and 500 and the ratio of vitamin A to vitamin D3 will be approximately 10:1 in favor of vitamin A. Provided the oil was not enhanced with supplemental vitamins any values way above these normal ranges are not realistic and the result of improper testing at a lab ill equipped to test marine oils. Consequently if the vitamin values range from very high to very low clearly the testing facility is out of its league.

Many of the popular brands of cod liver oil on the market are highly processed. During the processing they destroy many of the vitamins at which point the producers simply report the lowered values or they add synthetic and/or natural vitamins to make up for the loss. Ultimately they replace the vitamin levels to match the IU’s normally found in raw cod liver oil (as indicated above) and normally do not exceed those levels. Too many vitamins, whether synthetic or natural can be toxic.

Check, Double Check, Triple Check

Rosita tests Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil at three different labs.

  • University of Stirling
  • Extra virgin oil has also been tested by the producer at ECO-Marine using a Norwegian Aquaculture Research Institute which specialises in marine raw materials and products. Testing of Extra virgin oil goes as far back as 07-15-2011

These Norwegian government-linked facilities and the University of Stirling’s Institute of Aquaculture are world renown for their expertise in marine oils. All three labs test thousands of fish oils annually. They are well equipped and have years of experience testing marine oils. Rosita’s EVCLO test results for vitamin A and Vitamin D3 from all three labs came back with consistent values averaging 3900 IU/tsp vitamin A and 395 IU/tsp vitamin D3. The values range depending the season the cod are caught.

Make sure your cod liver oil is tested at a proper facility. When you take EVCLO you can be assured of getting exactly the vitamins that are in the cod’s liver completely unadulterated.

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